May I help or not ?

How much good a person you should be ? Isn’t it tricky a question? We try to teach children to be empathetic / kind and helpful. Completely agreeing it’s good intent. But can it be applied to all . Do everyone understand and respect kindness/ helpfulness ? I strongly believe empathy is a great quality.... Continue Reading →

Source of happiness

What is the source of your happiness? I guess we should think this once in a while. In this mundane chaos of a lifestyle we might be forgetting that, we are unknowingly depending on other people/things to be happy. I know many people who think their happiness is in their parents/spouse/children or in the things... Continue Reading →

Dear 2018

Hey! 2018, When I turn back and look, I see myself standing at your start - worried, confused and dejected. You held my hand and walked with me I was learning… To forgive those who hurt me, for myself To hold the few who loved me, safe in my heart To treasure the goodness that... Continue Reading →


I was happy when your eyes sparkled I was fearful when you looked scared I was confident when you looked courageous I was romantic when your eyes were filled with love I was angry when you felt humiliated I was proud when you beamed with pride I was crying when you broke down I reflect... Continue Reading →


You are born to spread light. The light that comes from your deep soul. Someone might keep you in the palm, close it and squeeze you tight, thinking ,your light will vanish and your world will be dark. How foolish they are to think so? For the light is your spirit that is from within.... Continue Reading →

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