You are born to spread light. The light that comes from your deep soul. Someone might keep you in the palm, close it and squeeze you tight, thinking ,your light will vanish and your world will be dark. How foolish they are to think so? For the light is your spirit that is from within.... Continue Reading →


I like to listen than to speak; I like my solitude than gossips; I like to be under my blanket than in crowd; I like the rains than a party; I like to sing and dance but to myself; I might be silent, but can see through your facade; I might be walking alone ,but... Continue Reading →

To my younger self…

To my younger self, No need to be so timid, you can be more bolder. No need to fear others opinions, they will vanish after sometime. No need to worry about the few points you lost, it doesn't make any difference. No need to worry that you are thin, you are going to be fat... Continue Reading →


Look at me as a woman of identity, for I am not anyone's shadow. Look at me as a woman of maturity for I am no child for anyone's game. Look at me as a woman of her words, for I own my decisions. Look at me as a woman of courage, for I can... Continue Reading →

I walk

I walk... through the misty path, whom should I cross, whom i should not YOU know even before I started. I walk... Then a turn YOU hid a happy surprise At another , an unexpected blow! Still I walk... Aint that I supposed to do? I walk ... Then the path turns too hard. I... Continue Reading →

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