It’s OK !

Hey ! You beautiful soul, Its OK to let go .You can’t hold on to all.When they cling ,manipulate,You believe you should hold,Even if you suffer!Wish them understood your pain.But No! And It’s OK too.Turn your head , look around,There is goodness out there!Give that your soul,Your are needed.So , it’s OK to let go... Continue Reading →

Hide out

A place where I can be complete,with nobody around,where I can be calm,with no one to tell rights and wrongs,where I can be myself,with no one to be compared with,where I can wander in my thoughts,without any prejudices,where I can surrender to time-peacefully,That’s my hide out – my solitude.Smile :)Priya Pramod

To my younger self…

To my younger self, No need to be so timid, you can be more bolder. No need to fear others opinions, they will vanish after sometime. No need to worry about the few points you lost, it doesn't make any difference. No need to worry that you are thin, you are going to be fat... Continue Reading →


Look at me as a woman of identity, for I am not anyone's shadow. Look at me as a woman of maturity for I am no child for anyone's game. Look at me as a woman of her words, for I own my decisions. Look at me as a woman of courage, for I can... Continue Reading →

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